Legislative Special Session - FY2018 Budget

Yesterday, Governor Rauner called legislators back to Springfield for a 10-day special session from Wednesday, June 21st through the June 30th fiscal year deadline. In addition, the House and Senate Republicans unveiled a balanced budget plan that the Governor supports. The Senate Democrats  had already passed a balanced budget prior to the May 31 legislative deadline. There are several differences between the two proposals. However, the main areas revolve around income tax increase length and starting point (permanent vs. 4-yr; January 1 vs. July 1) and property tax freeze length (2-yr vs. 4-yr).
Over the last 4-years, IAPA members have laid an average of 6.3 million tons of HMA between July 1 - September 30 which represents over 45% of the annual tons laid each year. Any prolonged shutdown will result in a significant portion of the construction season being lost. Please contact your Representatives and Senators prior to the start of the special session to let them know the impact of the potential shutdown would have on your company, employees, and communities.