Persons of the Year

Jim Durkin, Republican Leader Illinois House 2021
Dave Bender, ACEC - IL 2020
Omer Osman, IL Department of Transportation 2019
Bob Schillerstrom, IL State Toll Highway Authority 2018
Cynthia Williams, Chicago DOT 2017
Roger Driskell, IL Department of Transportation 2016
Paul Kovacs, IL State Toll Highway Authority 2015
Marvin Traylor, IAPA 2014
Steve Gillen, IL State Toll Highway Authority 2013
Christine Reed, IL Department of Transportation 2012
Gary Hannig, IL Department of Transportation 2011
Mel Kirchler, IL Department of Transportation 2010
Hal Wakefield, Federal Highway Administration 2009
Brian McPartlin, IL State Toll Highway Authority 2008
Eric Harm, IL. Department of Transportation 2007
Dr. Amir Al-Khafaji, Bradley University 2006
Jim Gehler, IDOT - Retired 2005
Doug Whitley, IL Chamber of Commerce 2004
Jim Eastery, IDOT 2003
Mike Acott, NAPA 2001
Governor George Ryan 2000
Connie Humphrey, IAPA 1999
Ralph Wehner, IL State Toll Highway Authority 1998
James Slifer, Illinois DOT 1997
James Edgar, Governor of Illinois 1996
Marshall Thompson, University of Illinois 1995
Jim McPike, Majority Leader Illinois House 1994
Kirk Brown, Illinois DOT 1993
John Grey, National Asphalt Pavement Assn. 1992
James Thompson, Governor of Illinois
(Man of the Decade)
Jim Reilly, Deputy Governor of Illinois 1989
Eugene McCormick, Illinois DOT 1988
Tom Morsch, Illinois State Toll Highway Authority 1987
Greg Baise, Illinois DOT 1986
Moreland Herrin, University of Illinois 1985
James Thompson, Governor of Illinois 1984
Gayle Franzen, Illinois State Toll Highway Authority 1983
George Ryan, Speaker of the House 1982
Phil Rock, President of the Senate 1982
Harold Monroney, Illinois DOT 1981
Harry Hanley, Illinois DOT 1980
John Kramer, Illinois DOT 1979
James Thompson, Governor of Illinois 1978
Virgil Moreno, Illinois DOT 1977
Langhorne Bond, Illinois DOT 1976
John Grey, National Asphalt Pavement Assn. 1975