Member Profile - Earthwave Technologies

Earthwave Technologies, based in Indianapolis IN, offers a wireless fleet tracking solution called Fleetwatcher that has been developed over the past 15 years exclusively for heavy equipment contractors to help them solve problems related to inefficiencies of manual processes of tracking and managing mobile assets.

In recent years, with assistance and direction from some of the largest paving contractors in the country, Earthwave has developed a Materials Tracking Solution (MDS) for tracking and managing company-owned and third-party trucks delivering materials from one location to another.

The solution addresses the common problem of over-trucking in construction companies (or in some markets, under-trucking). Using Fleetwatcher's MDS application, you can easily identify when and how many trucks are backed up at the plant and/or paver and the behaviors that happened to cause it. And, with the solution's up-to-the-minute graphical data and animation feature, you'll be able to quickly spot undesirable behaviors and hold drivers accountable for their performance by watching both company-owned and third-party trucks in motion as they perform their work.

Gallagher Asphalt, a new customer in 2015, has been very proactive in managing the information Fleetwatcher provides to reduce trucking costs and improve cycle times.  Highlighting one job in particular, Gallagher used the MDS application to optimize cycle times and deliver more material using fewer trucks than anticipated, resulting in a reduction of $60,000 in trucking expenses.

Additionally, Fleetwatcher's MDS solution has the ability to replace the manual ticketing method most companies use to pay 3rd party drivers with the "Virtual Shift Ticket" functionality. This has helped contractors to significantly reduce overtime and payroll costs by automating the capture of total work hours using the data straight from solution.

Earthwave Technologies is also a telematics integration partners with Viewpoint, B2W and other software providers and are currently working on load-out/control systems integration.

For more information or to schedule a customized demonstration, please contact Mike Schulz at or call 317-402-3713.